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Jan 13, 2020

I started the year at 225.3 and after losing a few pounds, I'm back to 226. This is partly due to me going out of town for the weekend. I tried to do things like skip breakfast and I even exercised one day. None the less my scale went up when I got home. With this in mind, I got up today and exercised early. 


Jan 9, 2020

I started the year at 225.3 and after losing a few pounds, I'm back to 225. It's frustrating. I was doing good, but by skipping a few days and not really paying attention to my calories, and not exercising they came right back.

The other thing that is killing me is a lack of sleep. My ears ring all the time and have for...

Dec 31, 2019

Weigh-in: I'm up 1.6 lb back to 225.3

I skipped a workout (typically every other day) and said, "I'll just end up doing two workouts back to back days." In other words," I"ll do it tomorrow."

So I did and I'm here to tell you my body doesn't like it. In the long run this won't work. So this episode is for me to...

Dec 23, 2019

I was reading an article and it had a great plan. 
Track your feed for 10 days and look at those days where your weight maintains. Then take the average of those days and subtract 500 calories. 
So if you had
The average is 2076 
Subtract 500 calories and you get 1576...

Dec 10, 2019

Weigh In

First things, I'm down .3 lbs. Not a huge win, but not a loss.
Currently, the Noom app is giving me Green, Yellow and Red foods.
The Most Addictive Foods

Interesting article on the most addictive foods (hint its not broccoli)

Eat Yourself Sexy 
I found an interesting show called Eat Yourself Sexy on Amazon...